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Track tested parts for your street driven Hemi

Baily’s Hyperformance is a performance shop that enhances your vehicle’s power and appearance. We can provide more horsepower, tune your vehicle, improve its appearance, and more. We are here to build the car of your dreams. Let us know what parts you want to enhance, and our team will get to work. We document the entire process because we are attentive to detail and want you to know that components are correctly installed to specification.

About Us

Baily’s Hyperformance has spent 15 years building and refining the Hemi performance platform. From basic bolt ons to full on race cars we can help you reach any of your goals! There is only one place to trust with your late model hemi and who better to trust than the number one shop in the country.  With many Dodges on the streets to the fastest record holding Demon and Jeep we are the best in the industry and your premier source for Dodge Hemi performance.

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World Class Hemi Performance Tuners

Baily’s Hyperformance is dedicated to delivering high performance vehicles with horsepower you can trust. We are a Fort Worth, Texas, based company providing national support for all of your MOPAR needs. With strict quality control guidelines we strive to deliver a perfect product every time. Call us today about a horsepower package for your new performance vehicle.


Are you born with a desire to take some of the highest performing examples of American Muscle and make them faster? Baily’s Hyperformance is proud to introduce these limited run performance packages. Why settle for ordinary when you can burn the road.

Our Services

Baily’s Hyperformance offers a variety of services to enhance your vehicle’s power, speed, and appearance.
Take a look at some of those services below.

Performance Packages

We offer a number of performance packages designed for each type of luxury vehicle. Let us know what you are looking for and we will upgrade and enhance parts as needed.

Appearance Packages

Let’s make your vehicle look hotter than it already does. Give us a call to learn more about our custom appearance packages.

Dyno Tuning

It’s good to get some dyno tuning before adding performance work and upgrades. Let’s schedule an appointment.

Repairs & Maintenance

There’s no better place to get your racecar’s engine repaired and maintained than at Baily’s Hyperformance.

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Wicked Broncos is offering our customers high quality frame up restorations with modern technology. They are dedicated to providing a luxurious vehicle and an exceptional driving experience. Build the Bronco of your dreams!


Baily’s Hyperformance is proud to announce that we offer additional funding options to finance the vehicle of your dreams. We can assist you through Sychrony Financial, which offers up to $10,000 loans with no interest charged if the loan is paid within the first 6 months. However, 12 months, no interest promotions do occur periodically. 

We want to help you build the car you have always envisioned, without having to worry about having the money upfront. To learn more about our financing options, click below!


There’s no better word to trust than that of our customers. Take a look at what our customers are saying about their experience with Baily’s Hyperformance.

Let’s Make Your Vehicle As Fast As We Can!

If you are looking for performance packages, tuning, or an appearance package for your exotic vehicle, get in touch with Baily’s Hyperformance today. Our team is more than ready to build the car of your dreams. It’s time to burn the road and live with speed.

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