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Baily’s Hyperformance is a performance shop in Fort Worth, Texas, that will upgrade and enhance parts in your vehicle to make it faster and more powerful. You’ve already invested in some of the best cars in the market, you might as well invest in making it reach its full potential. Whether you want to show your vehicle off at car shows, race your car in competitions, or show it off on the street, Baily’s Hyperformance has you covered. Our team loves improving cars and maintaining them. You can rest assured that your car is in great hands when you drop it off. Let’s burn the road with a hot ride.

Our Facility in Fort Worth, Texas

The 10,000 square foot building that Baily’s Hyperformance is located in has numerous service stations. This consists of lifts, a cutting-edge AWD Dynojet Dyno, powerful computers and diagnostic equipment, and a special area for Baily’s Race Engines. We are fully equipped to complete the task at hand. Finding other trustworthy stores and outsourcing are not necessary. With us, your car is in very capable hands.


Our lift stations allow us to easily access the bottom of your car, so we can work on those components or on the wheels.

AWD Dynojet Dyno

We have Dynojet dynamometers that support and measure the force, torque, and power of AWD cars. These dynamometers will let us know about your car’s performance and how we can increase it or how the modifications have improved the power.

Computers and Diagnostic Equipment

Our high technology allows us to run diagnostic tests on your vehicle to keep your vehicle in optimal working order. A car diagnostic test is a digital analysis of your car’s various computer systems and components. These tests scan your car’s components and systems to check for issues with components like throttle, oil tank, transmission, and engine.

Race Engines Station

We have a whole station dedicated to improving race engines’ productivity and performance.

What Sets Us Apart

There’s a reason people choose Baily’s over other performance shops. Take a look at some of the main reasons below.

Attention to Detail

Every customers’ vehicle is handled with the same care as our own at Baily's Hyperformance. Our crew thoroughly records each alteration made to the vehicle in real time. We create a precise technical history for your vehicle that spans the entire build process. No other performance shop will provide you with attention to detail in the same manner as we do!

Our Clients Come First

Let's be honest. A lot of folks have had negative experiences with shadetree repair and performance shops. We've seen it all, from overpromising and underdelivering to utterly squandering customers' hard-earned money and time on unnecessary components and fixes. Sadly, we are seeing more and more of these situations.

We will not sell you unneeded components for your goals. As a matter of fact, we talk  customers out of buying components that are getting a lot of hype on the internet, but that show no real gains.

Baily’s Hyperformance in Fort Worth, Texas

If you are ready to improve your car, bring it in to Baily’s Hyperformance. We are dedicated to excellent service and we pay attention to detail. We will treat your car like it is our own, so you can rest assured that we give it the care and maintenance that it deserves. If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, there’s no need to look any further than Baily’s Hyperformance. Bring your hot ride over here and let’s allow it to reach its full potential. Give us a call to schedule an appointment that works best for you.

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